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I Love Rchouda

I Love Rchouda

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Challenge & Innovation

08.10.2011 blog

Ce jeudi 06/10/2011, j’ai assisté à Jeddah au meeting organisé par Monsieur Abdellatif Khemakhem représentant la liste indépendante « Challenge & Innovation » pour la zone « Pays arabes et reste du monde ». Voici rapidement mes impressions :

Disabling Android Market update

19.08.2011 computing
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I didn’t like the new android market application, and I’m not the only one. If you want to get back to old one, application name is Vending.apk available in the \system\app\ folder, you can just replace it from your old stock ROM. The easiest way is to send your old Vending.apk by bluetooth or cable [...]

Displaying a full-page Frameset

20.05.2011 computing
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The following code can be used to “copy” a web site X in your own. Basically, it displays it inside a full page frameset, the browser address bar will always display your site’s URL, while the contents will be site X. In the example, the page title and keywords are also controlled.

Ce dont a besoin la Tunisie

20.05.2011 blog
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Ce qui suit ne vient pas de moi, je l’ai simplement reçu par mail mais j’ai décidé de le partager car je crois que ça colle un peu avec ce qui se passe en Tunisie. اقرأ الجمل المكتوبة في المثلثات هل لاحظت أن كلمة (في) مكتوبة مرتين في كل جملة ؟ هل تعرف ماذا حدث [...]

Madain Saleh

05.04.2011 blog

Here it is: Madâin Sâlih or Madain Saleh or (مدائن صالح), no room to cheap talk, straight to the facts (or is it pics?) …

Exporting DataGrid contents to Excel

05.04.2011 computing
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Here’s an example of code (the quick n’dirty way as usual) to export the contents of a DataGrid control (called MyDataGrid in the example). The example uses an empty excel file as a template. This template is to be added to the project resources. I used a template first to try and then to make [...]

The way to Madain Saleh

04.03.2011 blog

Last week, we decided to go and visit the most important archaeological site in Saudi Arabia: Madâin Sâlih or Madain Saleh or (مدائن صالح). Here is just a foretaste: the incredible photos taken on the wild desert between Medina and Al Ula city.

The Tunisian Revolution in pictures

11.02.2011 blog